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The SunBay Digital Mathematics project is a collaboration between SRI International, the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP), the Pinellas County School District, the Helios Education Foundation, and the Pinellas Education Foundation.

The SunBay Digital Mathematics project is setting the direction of the future of middle school mathematics education for Pinellas County.

"Revolutionary to students of all math levels...SunBay is technology at its best, that allows students to use a visual approach as well as hands-on."

The SunBay Approach to Linear Function

  • A small number of units, each focusing on a "big idea"
  • Strong emphasis on teacher professional development
  • Units complement, not replace, existing materials
  • Each unit involves dynamic, interactive, technology that
    • Highlights the key mathematical relationships
    • Makes links between key representations
    • Provides an environment for students to explore and problem solve within guided, structured activities
    • Meets the needs of students with different levels of attainment

The Big Ideas: Content

  • Proportional Reasoning
  • Linear Functions and Algebraic Reasoning (Constructing and Using Equations)
  • Geometric Reasoning: Similarity and Scale

The Big Ideas: Processes

  • Representing Mathematics
  • Using Mathematical Reasoning
  • Interpreting Mathematics
  • Communicating Mathematics

For more information on the SunBay project, contact Dr. Phil Vahey at SRI International, or Dean Vivian Fueyo or Dr. Susan Holderness at USFSP.